Valéria Totti

Valeria Totti mission is to protect and disseminate the riches of the Amazon region from a transaction that values respect for nature , culture and art of the peoples of the Brazilian company florestas.Uma and Amazon , differentiated and dedicated to creating a unique design , durable , environmentally and socially correct. With its distinctive characteristics in their textures and shapes of each wooden furniture are unique and so , thus providing a own life style of their clients .

selection the raw material of our furniture to your destination end the incessant and constant search for excellence is our main goal. Excellence in ethics and in the conduct of our business . Excellence in preserving environmental , in search for the perfect design , respect for and the client environment

Using resource environmental and cultural importance to giving man as absolute and indispensable factor for sustainable development of the Amazon and the planet .

Products that would respect what nature can offer and are based on the premise that the human being is unique .

" Success must always be grounded in standards ethics , excellence in product , in respect to the and the client environment . "


Valéria Totti